AirMax Dryer (PRE-ORDER / AVAILABLE MAY 1, 2023)

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  • Dry your equipment - FAST
  • Eliminate foul-smelling odors
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Prevent the spread of bacteria, infection and acne


Shoes, Skates, Gloves, headgear and Helmets - whether it’s Boxing, Hockey or Lacrosse, we understand the value and expense of owning this type of sporting equipment. 


As you work out, sweat and body oil saturates your equipment creating the perfect environment for the bacteria that cause athlete's foot, ringworm and staph infection. This same bacteria causes stubborn, rotten odors making it difficult to eradicate the smell from your car, home and equipment. Properly drying your equipment will extend the life of your gloves, shoes or headgear by keeping the fabric, fibers, and elastic in like-new condition for as long as possible. 


When equipment is left wet or damp it not only breaks down the materials it’s comprised of but creates an environment for mold, fungus and bacteria. The AirMax Dryer's "Forced Evaporation" technology utilizes a 735 CFM fan to pressurize the manifold, forcing air out of the drying tube at over 550 feet per minute. With the most powerful fan on the market today, your equipment can last longer, smell better and reduce your chance of missing practice, games or bouts due to a bacterial infection. 

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